Take a deep dive into the MCMI-IV and MACI-II at this year's SPA conference with Dr. Grossman and Dr. Tringone

The Millon Personality Group

The primary purpose of The Millon Personality Group is to further the study and practice of personality theory and personality assessment as represented by the work of Dr. Theodore Millon. More broadly, the Group is designed to advance and improve the study, development and the delivery of personality assessment.

MACI-II Inventory

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Gain the confidence you need to get the most out of the MCMI-IV and all of the Millon Inventories.
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Boost your research agenda; consult with MPG on your Millon-related ideas.

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Dr. Theodore Millon

Theodore Millon, PhD, DSc,(1928-2014) received his PhD from the University of Connecticut in 1954. Renowned for his APA-award winning work, Dr. Millon’s evolutionary theory of personality and psychopathology led to the development of multiple widely-used measures that help to define how scientists and psychologists identify and think about personality disorders today.