6A: Antisocial

Prone to lessened emotional resonance and a marked lack of empathy, those individuals evidencing ADAntis patterns actively seek out what they feel is their entitlement. ADAntis individuals often feel slighted by their circumstances and believe they must take in order to receive. They are impulsive by nature and uncaring about any damage they may inflict on others or themselves. These individuals tend to display the following array of personologic domains:

Behavioral Level

(F) Expressively Impulsive (e.g., is impetuous and irrepressible, acting hastily and spontaneously in a restless, spur-of-the-moment manner; is short-sighted, incautious and imprudent, failing to plan ahead or consider alternatives, no less heed consequences).
(F) Interpersonally Irresponsible (e.g., is untrustworthy and unreliable, failing to meet or intentionally negating personal obligations of a marital, parental, employment or financial nature; actively intrudes upon and violates the rights of others, as well as trangresses established social codes through deceitful or illegal behaviors).

Phenomenological Level

(F) Cognitively Deviant (e.g., construes events and relationships in accord with socially unorthodox beliefs and morals; is disdainful of traditional ideals, fails to conform to social norms, and is contemptuous of conventional values).
(S) Autonomous Self-Image (e.g., sees self as unfettered by the restrictions of social customs and the constraints of personal loyalties; values the image and enjoys the sense of being free, unencumbered and unconfined by persons, places, obligations or routines).
(S) Debased Contents (e.g., internalized representations comprise degraded and corrupt relationships that spur revengeful attitudes and restive impulses which are driven to subvert established cultural ideals and mores, as well as to devalue personal sentiments and to sully, but intensely covet, the material attainments of society denied them).

Intrapsychic Level

(F) Acting-Out Dynamics (e.g., inner tensions that might accrue by postponing the expression of offensive thoughts and malevolent actions are rarely constrained; socially repugnant impulses are not refashioned in sublimated forms, but are discharged directly in precipitous ways, usually without guilt or remorse).
(S) Unruly Architecture (e.g., inner morphologic structures to contain drive and impulse are noted by their paucity, as are efforts to curb refractory energies and attitudes, leading to easily transgressed controls, low thresholds for hostile or erotic discharge, few subliminatory channels, unfettered self-expression, and a marked intolerance of delay or frustration).

Biophysical Level

(S) Callous Mood (e.g., is insensitive, irritable and aggressive, as expressed in a wide-ranging deficit in social charitableness, human compassion or personal remorse; exhibits a coarse incivility, as well as an offensive, if not reckless disregard for the safety of self or others).