8A: Negativistic

Prone to resentfulness and contrary behavior, the DRNegat pattern features a strong will to meet self-needs, but owing to an intense conflict between perceived selfishness and desire to be respected, these needs, often hostile, get expressed only indirectly. An irritable but often placating presence displayed by DRNegat individuals is likely the product of a discontented self-reflection and an attitude that others are more fortunate. These individuals tend to display the following array of personologic domains:

Behavioral Level

(F) Expressively Resentful (e.g., resists fulfilling expectancies of others, frequently exhibiting procrastination, inefficiency and obstinate, as well as contrary and irksome behaviors; reveals gratification in demoralizing and undermining the pleasures and aspirations of others).
(F) Interpersonally Contrary (e.g., assumes conflicting and changing roles in social relationships, particularly dependent and contrite acquiescence and assertive and hostile independence; conveys envy and pique toward those more fortunate, as well as actively concurrently or sequentially obstructive and intolerant of others, expressing either negative or incompatible attitudes).

Phenomenological Level

(F) Cognitively Skeptical (e.g., is cynical, doubting, and untrusting, approaching positive events with disbelief, and future possibilities with pessimism, anger, and trepidation; has a misanthropic view of life, is whining and grumbling, voicing disdain and caustic comments toward those experiencing good fortune).
(S) Discontented Self-Image (e.g., sees self as misunderstood, luckless, unappreciated, jinxed, and demeaned by others; recognizes being characteristically embittered, disgruntled and disillusioned with life).
(S) Vacillating Contents (e.g., internalized representations of the past comprise a complex of countervailing relationships, setting in motion contradictory feelings, conflicting inclinations, and incompatible memories that are driven by the desire to degrade the achievements and pleasures of others, without necessarily appearing so).

Intrapsychic Level

(F) Displacement Dynamics (e.g., discharges anger and other troublesome emotions either precipitously or by employing unconscious maneuvers to shift them from their instigator to settings or persons of lesser significance; vents disapproval by substitute or passive means, such as acting inept or perplexed, or behaving in a forgetful or indolent manner).
(S) Divergent Architecture (e.g., there is a clear division in the pattern of morphologic structures such that coping and defensive maneuvers are often directed toward incompatible goals, leaving major conflicts unresolved and full psychic cohesion often impossible by virtue of the fact that fulfillment of one drive or need inevitably nullifies or reverses another).

Biophysical Level

(S) Irritable Mood (e.g., frequently touchy, temperamental, and peevish, followed in turn by sullen and moody withdrawal; is often petulant and impatient, unreasonably scorns those in authority and reports being annoyed easily or frustrated by many).