1: Schizoid

Prone toward disengagement as a preference rather than protection, individuals prominently featuring the AASchd pattern may be primarily identified as passively engaged, tending moderately to themselves, with little to no orientation toward investment in the outside world, and aloof to matters pertaining toward enhancing or even sustaining their life. Evidencing little affect and seemingly disinterested in participating in their social communities, these individuals tend to display the following tray of personologic domains: 

Behavioral Level

(F) Expressively Impassive (e.g., appears to be in an inert emotional state, lifeless, undemonstrative, lacking in energy and vitality; is unmoved, boring, unanimated, robotic, phlegmatic, displaying deficits in activation, motoric expressiveness, and spontaneity).
(F) Interpersonally Unengaged (e.g., seems indifferent and remote, rarely responsive to the actions or feelings of others, chooses solitary activities, possesses minimal “human” interests; fades into the background, is aloof or unobtrusive, neither desires nor enjoys close relationships, prefers a peripheral role in social, work and family settings).

Phenomenological Level

(F) Cognitively Impoverished (e.g., seems deficient across broad spheres of human knowledge and evidences vague and obscure thought processes, particularly about social matters; communication with others is often unfocused, loses its purpose or intention, or is conveyed via a loose or circuitous logic).
(S) Complacent Self-Image (e.g., reveals minimal introspection and awareness of self; seems impervious to the emotional and personal implications of everyday social life, appearing indifferent to the praise or criticism of others).
(S) Meager Contents (e.g., internalized representations are few in number and minimally articulated, largely devoid of the manifold percepts and memories of relationships with others, possessing little of the dynamic interplay among drives and conflicts that typify well-adjusted persons).

Intrapsychic Level

(F) Intellectualization Dynamics (e.g., describes interpersonal and affective experiences in a matter-of-fact, abstract, impersonal or mechanical manner; pays primary attention to formal and objective aspects of social and emotional events).
(S) Undifferentiated Architecture (e.g., given an inner barrenness, a feeble drive to fulfill needs, and minimal pressures either to defend against or resolve internal conflicts or cope with external demands, internal morphologic structures may best be characterized by their limited framework and sterile pattern).

Biophysical Level

(S) Apathetic Mood (e.g., is emotionally unexcitable, exhibiting an intrinsic unfeeling, cold and stark quality; reports weak affectionate or erotic needs, rarely displaying warm or intense feelings, and apparently unable to experience most affects — pleasure, sadness, or anger in any depth).