4B: Turbulent

Continually seeking out new opportunities for life fulfillment with little regard for common-sense limits and emotional/ personal safety, the EETurb pattern evidences perpetual activity and pursuit of interests, often drawing others into these endeavors more as an afterthought than by design. The EETurb pattern appears to have a vulnerability to discomfort coming from any form of passivity, whether that be appropriate rest or stagnation of activity. While highly positive when circumstances are favorable, they are also prone to decompensation when not briskly stimulated. These individuals tend to display the following array of personologic domains:

Behavioral Level

(F) Expressively Impetuous. Is forcefully energetic and driven; emotionally excitable and overzealous; often worked up, unrestrained, rash and hot headed; typically restless and socially obdurate and intransigent.
(F) Interpersonally High-Spirited. Is unremittingly full of life and socially buoyant; attempts to engage others in an animated, vivacious and lively manner; is persistently over-bearing and needlessly intrusive.

Phenomenological Level

(F) Cognitively Scattered. Thoughts are momentary and scrambled in an untidy disarray with minimal focus to them, resulting in a chaotic hodge-podge of miscellaneous and haphazard beliefs expressed randomly with no logic or purpose.
(S) Exalted Self-Image. Sees self as inspired and grand, full of vim and vigor, a dynamic force, invariably hardy and robust, a tireless and enterprising person whole ever-present energy activates and galvanizes others.
(S) Piecemeal Contents. Representations of the past are disorganized and easily dissipated, a jumble of diluted and middle recollections that are recalled by fits and starts, serving only as momentary guideposts for dealing with everyday tensions and conflicts.

Intrapsychic Level

(F) Magnification Dynamics. Engages in defensive hyperbole, countering depressive upsurges, overstating and overemphasizing ordinary matters so as to elevate their importance, especially features that enhance primarily ones’ own virtues.
(S) Unsteady Architecture. Structures of mind are highly transient, fragile and make shift, existing in momentary forms that are cluttered and disarranged, making effective coping temporary at best. Affect and action are unconstrained owing to a paucity of controls and purposeful or achievable goals.

Biophysical Level

(S) Mercurial Moods. Volatile and quicksilverish, at times unduly ebullient and charged up; surging and irrepressible at other times; flighty and erratic emotionally, blowing hot and cold, with a penchant for momentary excitements.