6B: Sadistic

To the ADSadis individual, aggression is self-protection and self-fulfillment. Actively controlling others and the environment, people prominently evidencing ADSadis Spectrum patterns experience a “reversal” of the pain-avoidance end of the existence polarity, thereby turning pain outward to others and gaining gratification from this apparent position of power. These individuals tend to display the following array of personologic domains:

Behavioral Level

(F) Expressively Precipitate (e.g., is disposed to react in sudden abrupt outbursts of an unexpected and unwarranted nature; recklessly reactive and daring, attracted to challenge, risk and harm, as well as unflinching, undeterred by pain and undaunted by danger and punishment).
(F) Interpersonally Abrasive (e.g., reveals satisfaction in intimidating, coercing and humiliating others; regularly expresses verbally abusive and derisive social commentary, as well as exhibiting vicious, if not physically brutal behavior).

Phenomenological Level

(F) Cognitively Dogmatic (e.g., is strongly opinionated and close-minded, as well as unbending and obstinate in holding to one’s preconceptions; exhibits a broad-ranging authoritarianism, social intolerance and prejudice).
(S) Combative Self-Image (e.g., is proud to characterize self as assertively competitive, as well as vigorously energetic and militantly hardheaded; values aspects of self that present pugnacious, domineering and power-oriented image).
(S) Pernicious Contents (e.g., internalized representations of the past are distinguished by early relationships that have generated strongly driven aggressive energies and malicious attitudes, as well as by a contrasting paucity of sentimental memories, tender affects, internal conflicts, shame or guilt feelings).

Intrapsychic Level

(F) Isolation Dynamics (e.g., can be cold-blooded and remarkably detached from an awareness of the impact of own destructive acts; views objects of violation impersonally, as symbols of devalued groups devoid of human sensibilities).
(S) Eruptive Architecture (e.g., despite a generally cohesive morphologic structure composed of routinely adequate modulating controls, defenses and expressive channels, surging powerful and explosive energies of an aggressive and sexual nature threaten to produce precipitous outbursts which periodically overwhelm and overrun otherwise competent restraints).

Biophysical Level

(S) Hostile Mood (e.g., has an excitable and irritable temper which flares readily into contentious argument and physical belligerence; is cruel, mean-spirited and fractious, willing to do harm, even persecute others to gets one’s way).