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[Lunch and Learn Discussion]
Exploring Connections between Parenting Styles and Personality Patterns from the Millonian Perspective

A chat with Dr. Robert Tringone and Dr. Neil Bockian
Moderated by Dr. Seth Grossman

Friday, June 7, 2024 from 12-1 EST

We are delighted to bring you our second “Lunch and Learn” session focusing on the unique linkages between common parenting styles and the developing child’s personality. As with the first in the series, this is an opportunity for students, practitioners, and researchers to hear about our ongoing explorations in clinical personality matters, and to participate in a collegial discussion on the topic.

Dr. Millon’s personality theory expounds rational and clinically compelling hypotheses regarding how personality patterns develop. What efforts have been put forth to empirically test these hypotheses? This Lunch and Learn will provide an overview of the research that Drs. Bockian and Tringone have conducted evaluating the connection between parenting styles and personality patterns. Within the pre-adolescent population, parents completed the Parenting Style Self-Assessment (PSSA), a measure developed by the presenters that operationalizes Dr. Millon’s ideas regarding parent attitudes, beliefs, and actions for seven emerging personality patterns; the results from this measure were correlated with pre-teens’ emerging personality patterns which were assessed with the Millon Pre-Adolescent Clinical Inventory (M-PACI). There are numerous research and clinical implications to explore. Additionally, Dr. Bockian will describe his research with adults and how their retrospective impressions of their parents’ approaches to raising them, measured with the Perceived Parenting Style Inventory (PPSI), revealed associations with their adult personality patterns. We will outline some future research directions for these key areas and hope to encourage our colleagues to participate in these endeavors.


Attendees will be encouraged to interact with the presenters and submit questions and comments for further discussion.

Attendees will be offered an opportunity to participate in follow-up research studies with the M-PACI and the PSSA-II as well as to consult with the presenters regarding their own research ideas.

MCMI-IV in Assessment and Therapeutics

 A CE workshop for the Orlando Veterans Administration Center
Tuesday, June 4, 2024 from 1-3 pm EST