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MCMI-IV and MACI-II: Operationalizing the Millon Inventories from Adolescence through Adulthood.

Seth Grossman, Psy.D., and Robert Tringone, Ph.D.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023, 8:30am – 5:30pm

This workshop focuses on operationalizing the Millon Clinical Inventories (MCMI-IV and MACI-II) through an exploration of the guiding theory, developmental/attachment considerations, and psychometric properties. Participants will engage in a primer in both instruments, including an overview of their structures and scales, psychometric properties, relationship to diagnosis and treatment, and responsible use/limitations on use based on population and mental health status. Topics include using the guiding theory and developmental markers in concert with assessment results to engage individuals in the clinical alliance, examine conflicts, response style, and unexpected results to understand deeper motivations, and building meaningful interventions based around the person’s improved self-understanding from the assessment process. Adult and adolescent case examples will provide interactive opportunities for participants to practice skill sets enhanced by the theory.

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The MCMI-IV and MACI-II: Current Applications and Future Challenges

North Dakota Psychological Association, Annual Conference, Fargo, ND

Seth Grossman, Psy.D.

October 28, 2022

This half-day workshop will focus on the most recent iterations of the two Millon clinical instruments (MCMI-IV and MACI-II) and their use in a variety of settings. An overview of the guiding theory behind the tests will serve as a backdrop for advanced interpretive strategies, as well as guide feedback and immediate intervention (e.g., therapeutic assessment) or treatment planning. The workshop will culminate in a high-level overview of current research status of the Millon Inventories, and discussion regarding research needs.

Millon Theory and Instruments in Collaborative and Therapeutic Assessment

Collaborative and Therapeutic Assessment Biannual Conference

Seth Grossman, Psy.D. and Blaise Amendolace, Psy.D.

Virtual: October 15, 2021

This half-day workshop demonstrates how information from the MCMI-IV, the MACI-II, and other Millon Inventories can inform CTA with information that is useful to both the assessor and the client. Through a precis on applied Millon Evolutionary Theory, live “mock” assessment/intervention demonstrations, and participant-involving case examples, assessors will gain both didactic and “hands-on” experience using theoretical and empirical information gleaned from the assessment material.

The MCMI-IV: From Theory to Clinical Practice

Seth Grossman, Psy.D.

Virtual: Madigan Army Medical Center, Tacoma, WA

August 27, 2021

This 1-day program focuses on the MCMI-IV, one of the Millon clinical inventories designed for clinical personality assessment. The training focuses on a deep understanding of the empirical and theoretical foundations of the instrument, allowing an informed basis to apply clinical data derived from the assessment to specific clinical challenges. The overall goal is for the participant to be able to reach “beyond the basics” in terms of the face-valid aspects of the instrument, in order to deepen understanding of the person being assessed, and to enhance the clinician’s therapeutic alliance with the person.

Enhancing the Therapeutic Alliance with the MCMI-IV

Seth Grossman, Psy.D.

Virtual: Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists

September 12, 2020

This workshop deepens the clinician’s understanding of the Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-IV (MCMI-IV) by examining the Millon Evolutionary Theory in depth. The primary intent of the workshop is to utilize personologic insights generated by the MCMI-IV and related instruments, which is made possible by integrating Millon Evolutionary Theory. Beyond assessment and interpretation, the theory also provides significant data that can enhance the therapeutic alliance through personalized feedback and therapeutic dialogue. Participants will utilize both traditional and collaborative models of interaction in exploring personal insights gleaned from use of the MCMI-IV and other Millon instruments, as well as other assessment data and collateral information. The workshop includes strategies from the personalized therapy model developed by Millon and Grossman, as well as those consistent with collaborative assessment models. Adult, child, college, and medical psych cases will be examined through application of the MCMI-IV, MIPS-2, MCCI, MACI, and MBMD to therapeutic challenges.